The Atuanui Restoration Project is a community partnership initiated by Kaipara Forest and Bird with local residents, Iwi, Auckland Regional Council, the Department of Conservation, the Rodney District Council and other supporters. The goal is to establish a mainland restoration project at the Atuanui Scenic Reserve to restore the reserve to a healthy, functioning forest teeming with native flora and fauna and a melodious dawn chorus.

Plans and Priorities

The Atuanui Restoration Project aims to:

  1. Monitor bird and invertebrate numbers, vegetation health and pest densities.

  2. Participate in ongoing Iwi and community consultation, especially with local landowners.

  3. Conduct a feasibility study for pest proof fencing at Atuanui.

  4. Investigate ways of improving Kereru breeding success at the reserve with nest monitoring and protection.

  5. Involve local schools in the restoration programme.

  6. Setup a website for the Atuanui Restoration Project.

The longer term goals include:

  1. Continue monitoring and carry out pest eradication and/or predator proof fencing.

  2. Re-introduce threatened bird species to the reserve such as stitchbird, kokako, robin, kiwi and whitehead.

  3. Continue to focus effort on increasing the breeding success of kereru in the reserve.

  4. Fund the upgrade of access to the reserve, walking tracks, and signs.

  5. Establish a visitor centre with the emphasis on community conservation education.

Atuanui Restoration Project

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An autumn flowering Rata (Metrosideros fulgens) on Atuanui’s ridge

track in April 2009. Possum and rat control on Atuanui will help to protect plant species like Rata that are palatable to these introduced pests. (Photo: Suzi Phillips)