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Susannah MacDonald

Born and bred in Auckland New Zealand where the natural ocean form and fauna have inspired me since childhood. I drew and painted for an early age using animals as metaphors for my own inner growth states. I have always written and composed poetry for the same purpose.

Cartooning has also been a great outlet for expressing the absurdities of life and the just plain comical. Performing Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music is an integral part of my being. I teach and play flute and recorder as well as keyboard.

I am overjoyed to be married to a fellow illustrator, cartoonist, musician, artist and lover and accomplished imitator of animals! I am currently studying full time for a design and visual arts degree.

South Node by Susannah MacDonald, oil on canvas,  380 x 770, $600

"Antarctic Night" by Susannah MacDonald, oil on canvas, 770 x 380, $600

Blackbirds and Figs by Susannah MacDonald, oil on canvas,  760 x 1540,  $1000